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PEGA proudly produce the best rack and pinion Industrial and Materials hoists and lifts on the market.

Pega took on the first ever installation of an emergency egress lift for Anglo American at Grosvenor Coal Mine at Moranbah.

This lift was designed to comply with Anglo American's extremely rigorous safety regime to be the secondary/ emergency egress to the mine during the early development stage of this new mine.
The lift allowed the production and development teams to work underground while the second ingress/egress was being built.

This is the first time that this has been achieved anywhere in the world and by working closely with Anglo American's safety team and development crew PEGA'S installation team were able to install the the lift from the top down, to a total depth of 168m.

The lift has become so popular and convenient that it has now been kept in service even after the second ingress/egress has been completed and PEGA and Anglo's maintenance teams continue to keep the lift running to allow quick access/egress to the production area.

The lift travels at 60m/minute and is fitted with our unique inductive lowering mechanism which allows the lift to be lowered in a power fail situation to the terminal floor in a safe and controlled manner. Many other innovative features were added to allow the lift to operate safely in a potentially hazardous environment.



Why a PEGA Hoist?

  • No machine room required
  • No hoistway required
  • No overhead loads
  • Reduces size of steal supports
  • Equipment designed for faster installation (3-4 weeks)
  • Equipment can be erected by crane
  • Installation not performed in confined area
  • Manufactured Only For Industrial Applications
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Can be stored outdoors after delivery
  • Unit can be located on exterior of facility; allowing more production space
  • Single speed AC with VFD control; smoother ride, accurate levelling
  • Doors designed for fork lift traffic
  • No counterweights required for doors
  • Roof elevation can be served
  • Hot-dipped galvanized components
  • Solid doors
  • Owner is provided detailed service instructions to implement in to their PM Program
  • Owner is provided with detailed service training